Xiamen Valence Bond (XMVB) is a quantum chemistry program based on valence bond (VB) theory. XMVB provides an ab initio computing platform for various VB approaches, including classical VB methods, such as VBSCF, BOVB, VBCI, VBPT2, modern VB methods, such as SCVB and GVB, and molecular orbitals based VB method, BLW. Combined with solvation models, it can perform VBPCM, VBEFP, and VBSMD to account for solvent effects. Incorporating XMVB with KS-DFT code, it can be applied to hybrid DFVB calculation.

J. Chem. Theory Comput.: Hybrid Density Functional Valence Bond Method with Multistate Treatment

Chemical bonding group from Xiamen University has developed a hybrid density functional valence bond (VB) method with multistate treatment, namely λ-DFVB(MS).

JACS: Application of valence bond theory to planar quaternary bis-boron actinides with Double Möbius Aromaticity

This research highlight showcases the application of block-localized wavefunction method with the XMVB@XACS software package by Xuhui Lin et al. at Central South University.

JACS: Study on the nature of hydrogen bond interaction with valence bond theory

Recently, Sason Shaik from Hebrew University and coworkers applied the valence bond theory to the study of nine hydrogen bond systems.